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Who is bankrolling “Connect NC” ? – NC Against the Bond

Crony Bond REVEALED! $2 BILLION pay-to-play bond: Where does Connect NC get their millions for promotional marketing materials? Financial disclosure reports are now public on the Board of Elections website and it’s just as we suspected: the “Connect NC” campaign is being bankrolled by bond beneficiaries and special interests. Appalachian State University gave “Connect NC” $70,000.00, despite the ASU student government having REJECTED support for the bond! NC A&T gave the “Connect NC” campaign $90,000.00! Community colleges have donated thousands each! Engineering firms and contractors! -NC State University $160,000.00! -UNC Pembroke $23k -UNC Greensboro $105k! -UNC Chapel Hill $34k -UNC […]

Source: Who is bankrolling “Connect NC” ? – NC Against the Bond


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